Grinder Wheel Brushes

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Lessmann 0.5 Steel Wire Knot Wheel Brush

4 types from £24.95

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Lessmann 0.5 Steel Wire Conical Knot Brush

3 types from £19.95

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Lessmann 0.35 Steel Wire Conical Knot Brush

2 types from £23.95

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Faithfull Twisted Knot Wire Wheel Brush

3 types from £7.49

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Sealey Conical Twisted Knot Wire Brush

3 types from £6.95


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Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes Information

Rotary wire brushes are commonly used for applications such as removing rust, paint or scale, and cleaning & preparing metals for soldering, brazing or welding. They are typically available with a straight shank for use with electric drills, or with a female threaded connector for mounting onto a grinder.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Crimped Wire Brushes - these consist of fine crimped wires and are less aggressive than knotted wire types, making them ideal for lighter duty cleaning and surface preparation tasks. The wires are also flexible, meaning they can be worked into recesses.
• Twisted Knot Wire Brushes - a twisted knot wire brush uses tightly bunched wires of a thicker gauge than crimped wire brushes. They are quite aggressive and will quickly leave visible scratches in softer metals.
• Stainless Steel Wire Brushes - these wire brushes are designed for use on stainless steel surfaces. Using standard wire brushes on stainless steel will usually result in rust spots on the metal after use.
• Brass Wire Brushes - brass is softer than steel, meaning these brushes are suitable for work on more sensitive surfaces. They are commonly used for decarbonising auto components.

Wire Brush Safety:

Every wire brush is designed to be used below a stated maximum speed and it is important to make sure you do not exceed this. During use, the wires can become detached and fly off at high speed. Therefore eye protection is essential. Bear in mind that any exposed skin can be punctured by loose wires so suitable clothing and heavy duty gloves are recommended.

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