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Space is one of the most valuable assets in a workshop, warehouse, shed or garage, and organisation is key to ensuring you can locate everything when you need it. Our Hangers & Wall Storage category contains solutions for keeping equipment off the ground and within easy reach. We stock versatile, tried and tested storage options like pegboards, wall panels, storage bins, wallmount cabinets and tool racks in this category but if you're looking add shelving to your workspace you will also find plenty of solutions in the Racks & Shelving section of our website.

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Velcro Easy Hanging Strap

3 variants from £5.49

In stock

Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate


Available to order

Gardena Garden Tool Rack


Available to order

Faithfull Galvanised Wall Ring


Available to order

Sealey Reverse Spanner Rack


Available to order

Draper Bicycle Storage Hooks


Available to order

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