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Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washers Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washers give you the additional cleaning power of hot water, which, alongside high pressure and flow rate, means they are capable of removing especially tough residues like oils and grease as well as all the standard caked-on dirt and grime that a pressure washer can dislodge easily. The hot water helps to loosen and dissolve stubborn dirt so that it can be washed away eaily and effectively, and hot water pressure washers are especially useful for locations that require thorough cleaning.

Currently all Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washers are part of their Professional range. This means they are all fully guaranteed for use by businesses, and are supported with a full catalogue of spare parts and a nationwide network of service agents to ensure that you'll be able to keep on using any Karcher Professional Hot Water Pressure washer for years to come.Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washer Range

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