Karcher K Series Pressure Washers

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Karcher K Series Pressure Washers

Karcher's K Series of pressure washers are designed for the domestic market (as opposed to the HD & XPERT ranges which are designed for commercial & professional use). Hugely popular and easily recognizable thanks to the bright yellow housings employed across the range, K series machines are probably the most well known of all pressure washers on the market today. The range starts with compact, budget-friendly K2 models which are ideal for occasional use, and culminates with the flagship K7 which offers incredible power and cleaning ability. Many K series models are available in several different variations, mostly differentiated by the accessory packs they are shipped with. If you can't find the perfect accessory pack, we also stock a comprehensive range of Karcher lances, hoses, brushes, nozzles, surface cleaners and detergents which will help you to get the best out of your machine. All of our K series pressure washers have compatible accessories listed on the product page to make it easier for you to see what's available.

A range for everyone

When it comes to outdoor cleaning, Karcher has you covered with our extensive range of K Series pressure washers. Each range has its own unique strengths, designed to help you with any cleaning task, whether it be maintaining your patio, washing down garden furniture or cleaning your car.

Karcher Warranty Guarantee Pressure Washers

    The first app-connected pressure washer. Our Smart Control range boasts cutting-edge technology, allowing you to control your pressure washer using the Karcher Home & Garden app. Switch between the Soft, Medium & Hard pressure settings using the ➕ & ➖ buttons on your trigger gun or you can use your app to easily change the pressure settings on your machine, including the brand new Boost Mode, giving you an extra burst of pressure.


    Our Power Control pressure washers put the power of cleaning into your hands. Easily select the desired power setting using the LED display on the trigger gun. Power Control models also come equipped with a Dirt-blaster lance which enables a more powerful clean for all the stubborn mess you tackle.

  • • COMPACT Range

    Our Compact Range is specially designed for those who have little storage space. Perfect for smaller apartments or outdoor areas, Compact models offer the same high-quality cleaning results as our other ranges but are designed with smaller, more compact components allowing you to store your machine in crowded areas.

Which Pressure Washer is right for me?

The right pressure washer makes cleaning that much easier.

Open here to see the K Series Performance Guide
Karcher Pressure Washers Performance Guide Specs

The larger the areas you have to clean or the larger number of jobs, the higher the recommended performance class. This ensures you get the most effective clean. For example, if you have a large patio area, a K7 model would suit you best, not only due to the better cleaning performance, but you will also get a longer hose length, to increase your cleaning radius without having to move your machine.

Karcher K-Series Pressure Washer Range

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