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Karcher SG 4/4 Professional Steam Cleaner

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Karcher BR 30/1 C BP 18v Cordless Floor Cleaner

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Karcher Professional Karcher Professional cleaning tools are designed to deliver utmost performance and reliability in everyday use, and are intended for businesses, tradesmen and commercial, industrial or agricultural facilities. Unlike the Karcher Domestic (yellow) range, Karcher Professional machines are fully guaranteed for commercial use, and are manufactured with industrial grade components to ensure a robust build quality and long service life.

As well as their world renowned Karcher Pressure Washers, Karcher also manufacture professional vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers and carpet cleaners.

Overview of the Professional Range:

• Karcher HD Series Pressure Washers – Upright wheeled electric pressure washers, often available in 240v or 110v for use on construction sites.
• Karcher Cage Series Pressure Washers – Built inside a robust steel frame, these machines can be wall or floor mounted and are ideal for fixed position use.
• Karcher NT Series Vacuum Cleaners – the NT Series are versatile wet & dry vacuum cleaners which can be used for cleaning up liquid spillages as well as dry debris.
• Karcher T Series Vaccum Cleaners – Karcher’s standard Professional vacuum cleaner; suitable for dry applications only. Occupying a role similar to the classic Henry design, these machines are compact, lightweight and maneuverable.
• Karcher CV Series Vacuum Cleaners - These upright vacuums are ideal for quickly and efficiently covering larger areas of flooring and carpet.
• Karcher BV Series Vacuum Cleaners – Ideal for cleaning in awkward locations, BV series machines are backpack mounted for ease of access and high maneuverability.
• Karcher PUZZI Series Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners – These portable wheeled machines are perfect for cleaning vehicle interiors as well as carpets and furniture in facilities like hotels, hospitals and office buildings.

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