Log Splitting Mauls

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Log Splitting Mauls

Log Splitting Maul Information

A log splitting maul is a bit like a cross between a splitting axe and a sledge hammer, and is sometimes referred to as a sledge axe. Like a splitting axe, this tool is used to cleave open the wood grain of logs, rather than cutting through it. The head is weighted to enable much more powerful strikes when splitting logs, meaning it can accomplish tougher jobs faster than a standard splitting axe. However, it is also more fatiguing to use and may quickly tire out inexperienced users. Most log splitting mauls are also designed to be used as a hammer for driving splitting wedges.

Log Splitting Maul Safety:

Log Splitting mauls can be dangerous; if you have never used one before make sure you familiarise yourself with the correct operational procedures to ensure maximum safety. Be aware that splitting wedges and striking tools can be chipped and damaged during use so eye protection should always be worn to protect against any airborne debris. Steel toe cap boots should also be worn to protect your feet against the tool and any falling logs.

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