Makita Dust Extraction Systems

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Makita VC3011L L Class Dust Extractor

2 types £279.95

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Makita VC2012L L Class Dust Extractor

2 types £246.95

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Makita VC4210MX M Class Dust Extractor

2 types from £709.95

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Makita VC3012M M Class Dust Extractor

2 types £527.95

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Makita Dust Extraction Systems Repeated exposure to construction dust can be extremely detrimental to health, and recent legislation has focussed on ensuring that employers take steps to contain as much of this dust as possible on the jobsite. Makita supply a range of dust extraction products for woodworking tools like circular saws and sanders but they also manufacture solutions for dust extraction when working on concrete with tools that do not typically have dust ports, including SDS drills and angle grinders. As well as adaptors for connecting to individual power tools, Makita manufacture a range of dust extractors and vacuum cleaners which may be powered by a 240v or 110v AC connection, or by power tool batteries from the LXT and CXT lithium ion cordless platforms. A recent innovation is the Makita AWS Auto-Start Wireless System which enables cordless tools to be synced with dust extractors, enabling a connected extractor to switch on and off automatically whenever the tool is used.

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