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Faithfull Square Head Nail Punch

5 types £3.49


Stanley Dynagrip Nail Punch

3 types £5.95


Bahco Nail Punch

4 types £4.49


Priory Nail Punch

6 types £4.95


Draper Cupped Nail Punch

2 types £3.95


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Faithfull Nail PunchA Nail Punch, also known as a Nailset or Nail Set, is used with a hammer to drive nails into wood. It is typically used for finishing work like installing skirting and trim, and other applications where the appearance of the finished piece is important. The nail punch provides two main advantages; firstly, the small impact area means it can be used to drive nails below the surface the wood, where they can be covered over with filler for a more or less invisible finish. Secondly it provides a much more controlled way of hammering a nail in, making it a useful tool for nailing delicate materials. Instead of risking damage to the workpiece by hammering the nail directly into the material, the precise action of the nail punch ensures the surrounding area is kept safe from hammer blows (typically the nail will be hammered most of the way in before using a nail punch for the last few strikes). Nail punches are available in a variety of metric and imperial diameters to optimise their use for different sizes of nail.

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