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Nibblers Shears

Nibblers & Shears Information

Electrical nibblers & shears are two types of powered cutting tools (both based on hand tools of the same names). They are commonly used whenever using a hand tool to perform the same task would prove difficult, time consuming or fatiguing. Most of these tools are designed for sheet metal applications but some are suitable for softer materials like PVC, carpet, cardboard, leather and fabrics.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Nibblers - electric nibblers, or power nibblers, are designed for cutting sheet metal. They are so called because they nibble away at the material, rapidly removing small semicircular bites as they are advanced through it. This means that they cannot be used for fine cuts but are ideal for making small channels or cutouts and can handle tight curves. An additional benefit is they do not distort the sheet metal unlike some other tools. However they generate a lot of waste material in the form of tiny (and sharp) offcuts which are notoriously difficult to clean up.
• Shears – electric shears, or power shears, are manufactured for various materials; however, most are designed for sheet metal. Generally speaking they work like motorized scissors but there are a few different design principles. They can distort sheet metal more than nibblers and may not be able to negotiate tight curves as well, but they are capable of finer cuts and are much cleaner to work with as there is little or no waste material to tidy up afterwards. This also makes them more suitable for use in environments where there is a risk of foreign object damage or electrical short circuit.

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