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Pickaxes Information

Pickaxes (or pick axes) and mattocks are tools used for breaking up rocks, paving or earth, commonly for digging, soil preparation, demolition or specialist applications like mining. As well as standard pickaxes and mattocks, some of these tools are hybrids which combine different features from both.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

Pickaxes - a standard pickaxe is usually equipped with a pointed pick on one side and a flattened bar on the other which acts as a counterweight. The pick can be used for more heavy duty demolition tasks like breaking up hard ground, rocks and concrete, while the flat end can be used for prying, eg to lift up paving slabs or to lever rocks.
• Mattocks - the standard mattock, or cutter mattock, is equipped with two types of axe head; one is oriented vertically, like on a wood chopping axe. The other is mounted horizontally and is known as an adze. This type of mattock is especially useful for digging into heavy soil and cutting into turf, roots or other plant matter.
• Pick Mattock - the pick mattock combines the pointed pick from a pickaxe with the adze from a mattock, making it ideal for preparing harder ground for cultivation.

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