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Power Scraper

Power Scrapers Information

Power Scrapers are impact tools which are used with chisels to rapidly remove materials such as floor or wall tiles and mortar, greatly reducing the time and physical effort required to do such jobs by hand. They are designed to deliver optimum impact energy for material removal without the excess weight that can cause fatigue when using larger rotary hammer drills. Additionally, some, like the Makita HK1820L, are designed specifically for flooring applications and enable the operator to use the machine at a comfortable standing position rather than having to constantly bend and stoop. Most power scrapers are designed to be used with standard SDS Plus chisels which are commonly available for use with rotary hammer drills.

Power Scraper Safety:

Eye and hearing protection should be worn when using a power scraper. Make sure to wear suitable respiratory protection if you are likely to create harmful or irritating dust during any scraping applications.

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