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Safety Goggles

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Like safety glasses, Safety Goggles have impact resistant lenses which protect the eyes against direct hits from projectiles. However, they are also designed to form a seal around the eyes so they can offer additional protection against smaller airborne particles, dust and liquids. Although they offer better protection than safety glasses, they are much more prone to fogging up. Some are vented to help prevent this while some are completely sealed for maximum protection.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Direct Vented Safety Goggles - The cheapest type, these goggles are perforated with small holes for ventilation. They afford good protection from impacts but are still vulnerable against small particles (including grinding chips), dust and liquids.
• Indirect Vented Safety Goggles - On these models the vents are covered, meaning it is much harder for liquids and particles to enter them. The downside is that airflow can be restricted, making them more susceptible to fogging. Some have anti-fog lenses to combat this.
• Non-Vented Safety Goggles - Completely sealed goggles offer maximum protection against a wide range of hazards but due to the lack of ventilation anti-fog lenses are neccessary to make them practical to wear for any length of time.

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