Safety Shields

Safety Shields

Safety Shields Information

Safety shields, also commonly known as face shields or safety visors, are designed to offer full facial protection in working environments, and they are often worn with other PPE such as safety glasses, respirators and ear defenders. Safety shields are typically constructed with an open topped brow guard but they are also available attached to safety helmets. There are two main types of safety shield: clear (plastic) and mesh.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Plastic Safety Shields - this type offers the best protection and is commonly used for applications such as grinding, where the operator is often showered in tiny hot metal chips. A mesh visor would not be suitable for these kinds of applications as smaller particles could easily pass through the mesh. The disadvantages of clear plastic shields are that they can fog up during use and will become scratched if stored and transported carelessly.
• Mesh Safety Shields - mesh safety shields are designed for forestry work; when operating a chainsaw, the chips tend to be of a larger, uniform size and mesh will block most of them sufficiently; however, note that smaller debris can still enter the eyes if they are unprotected. The trade-off is that mesh visors don't fog up and can be thrown into the back of a truck at the end of the day without worrying about them getting scratched.

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