Screwdriver Bit Holders

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Draper Magnetic Screwdriver Bit Holder

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Wera Rapidaptor Bit Holder


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Screwdriver Bit Holders

Screwdriver Bit Holders Information

A screwdriver bit holder is an accessory that can make driving screws with power tools a quicker and easier process. They are often a necessity when using smaller 25mm bits which may not be suitable for direct insertion into machines like impact drivers, but they have other advantages too. Firstly, assuming the bit holder is magnetic, it will magnetize the screwdriver bit - this helps to stop screws from falling to the ground when fastening or unfastening. Secondly, when installed in a drill chuck, bits can be swapped over in an instant without having to unchuck them from the machine. They also provide extended reach which can enable access to awkward locations. There are two main types; basic magnetic bit holders and quick release, or locking, types.

Here's our quick application guide:

• Magnetic Bit Holders - On a basic magnetic bit holder, 1/4" hex bits are held in place purely by magnetic force. This confers the advantage that bits can simply be pulled out when they need to be swapped over, but they can also detach from the bit holder if they become stuck in the screw head or workpiece.
• Quick Release Bit Holders – Usually combined with a magnet as well, these bit holders have a locking collar which grips bits securely and ensures they can't fall out during use. The collar is simply pulled down to release the accessory.
• Impact Bit Holders – these impact rated accessories have been specifically designed for use with impact drivers. If a bit holder is not impact rated there is a higher chance it will break if used in this way.

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