Snow Clearing

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Snow Clearing

Snow Clearing Information

Although snow is usually greeted with excitement in the United Kingdom, it can also rapidly become an inconvenience when it starts impeding the passage of humans, vehicles or animals. If you need to shift some snow, we stock three main categories of snow clearing tool: snow blowers, snow shovels and snow sleighs/ploughs.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Snow Blowers - snow blowers, or snow throwers, are heavy duty snow clearing machines which are powered by petrol or electricity. They can be very large vehicles capable of shifting huge volumes of snow but the ones we stock are smaller walk behind petrol machines which are ideal for clearing roads and paving after heavy snowfall.
• Snow Shovels - a simple and dependable tool which is easy to store away for emergencies throughout the rest of the year, a snow shovel is handy for digging out your car or shifting snow off steps and pathways whenever access is restricted or hazardous.
• Snow Sleighs and Snow Ploughs - compared to a snow shovel these larger tools enable greater volumes of snow to be shifted faster with less physical exertion, but they are less ideal for digging tasks or more precise work. They are ideal for clearing pathways and other larger surface areas.

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