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Toolmaker Clamps

Toolmaker Clamps Information

Toolmaker Clamps are so called because they are often used by machinists for metalworking applications that call for accuracy and precision, for example when fabricating tools and components. They consist of two parallel jaws with two screws to tighten them down securely. This enables two pieces of stock to be fastened together so they will remain fixed firmly in place during machining operations. Because of the Toolmaker Clamp's narrow profile it can fit into tight spaces without causing too much of an obstruction, and the flat sides of the jaws can be held securely in a vice.

Toolmaker Clamps are generally designed to be used with a tommy bar, which may or may not be included. The tommy bar is inserted through holes in the knurled grips which allows the clamp to be set up rapidly and allows for the application of enough torque to ensure an especially firm grip on the workpiece once both screws have been sufficiently tightened.

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