Workshop Jobsite BlowersWorkshop or jobsite blowers operate on the same principle as garden leaf blowers but are generally much smaller and with shorter nozzles that make them unsuited to blowing leaves; instead they are designed for clearing construction, demolition or machining debris from work surfaces or machinery. Some workshop blowers are also dual purpose and can be used as vacuum cleaners when a suitable dust bag is attached.

Jobs that can be undertaken with a Workshop Blower:

  • Clearing dust and debris
  • Cleaning out drilled holes
  • Cleaning machinery
  • Vacuuming (certain models only)

Blower safety:

Eye protection and respiratory protection should be worn to protect against airborne particles and hazardous dusts. If using a blower in vacuum mode, it should not be used to extract hot metal chips (e.g whilst cutting or grinding metal) or to suck up ash or cinders.

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