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Bosch AQT Pressure Washers Bosch AQT series pressure washers and accessories are designed for high pressure cleaning around the home, for example when washing down cars, bikes, patios and garden furniture (Bosch also manufacture a Blue range of pressure washers designed for commercial and industrial cleaning applications). The AQT series ranges from compact, lightweight machines that can be stored in a cupboard, up to large and powerful wheeled units with versatile accessory packs for tackling all of the most common pressure washing tasks around the home.

As domestic machines, all of the corded electric AQT pressure washers run on 240v UK Mains power but you can also find the Bosch FONTUS in this category, a cordless and highly portable low pressure washer which runs on Bosch Power4All 18v batteries and features an integrated water tank for use away from the water supply.

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