Bosch EASYGRASSCUT 12-230 12v Cordless Grass Trimmer 230mm

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Bosch EASYGRASSCUT 12-230 12v Cordless Grass Trimmer 230mm

Bosch Power4all

The Bosch Power4all Tool range is a range of tools you can buy knowing that batteries are compatible with all tools in the range providing they are of the same voltage. eg 18v fits 18v, 12v (10.8v) fits 12v (10.8v) etc. Please also note that 10.8v is compatible with 12v & vice versa as it is just a name change.

Power4all has many advantages not least the fact that once you have a tool with a few batteries then there is no need to buy the more expensive versions with battery & charger, you can just go ahead & buy the much cheaper no battery versions!

So remember Power4all signifies complete battery compatibility throughout the range. There is however, one caveat to this, some of the very first older chargers will not charge the very latest batteries & a battery charger upgrade will be required if you have a first generation charger. All batteries fit all tools however.

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Customer Questions & Answers

jacky toal asked on 19/06/2020

Q : help i have lost my charger for the easy cut can i order one please and how much will it be thank you

TooledUp answered on 08/07/2020

A : Hi Jacky, we stock a replacement battery charger for the EasyGrassCut 12-230 - it's product ID 21026057 on our website and can be used for all Bosch 10.8v and 12v lithium ion batteries from the Pro, DIY and Garden power tool ranges

Paul asked on 24/05/2020

Q : Have you got spare packets of blades available for this trimmer?

TooledUp answered on 26/05/2020

A : Hi Paul, yes - blades for the EASYGRASSCUT 12-230 can be found in the "Accessories for this product" section on the right of the product page on our website.

Peter Hollis asked on 04/10/2019

Q : So I have a cylindrical 10.8v Bosch battery (Hand driver) and a roughly rectangular Bosch 18v battery (hedge trimmer), both very different sizes and connection. I want to buy a Bosch cordless grass trimmer with a blade as opposed to a string. Presumably an 18v is better than a 10.8 but I need of course to get the battery fitting correct. Please can you suggest/advise.

TooledUp answered on 04/10/2019

A : Hi Peter, 18v tools have more power but the 12v and 10.8v equivalents are smaller/lighter so they each have their advantages in different ways. It's important to be aware that there are two Bosch ranges: Blue (professional) and Green (Garden/DIY) and the batteries are not interchangeable. However, if your driver is a Bosch Green model and it uses a lithium ion (li-ion) battery then it will be compatible with this grass trimmer - the 10.8v and 12v Green ranges are fully interchangeable. Alternatively assuming your hedge trimmer is also a li-ion Green model your 18v battery will be compatible with any of the Bosch 18v cordless grass trimmers we have on the site at the moment. Hope that helps!

Constantinou asked on 13/07/2019

Q : How long does it take to charge the battery

TooledUp answered on 15/07/2019

A : I can confirm that the complete kit comes with a charger that will charge a 2ah battery in approximately 45 min.

James McComb asked on 19/06/2018

Q : How long will it strim on a single charge and how long does it take to recharge the battery.

TooledUp answered on 20/06/2018

A : Unfortunately, there are too many variables to advise on how long a battery will last between charges, as it is subject to conditions such as temperature length of grass, the thickness of grass, motor strain, how the throttle is being used etc.

Martin Small asked on 19/06/2017

Q : I have a Bosch Easyhedgecut 12-45 Battery Cordless Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer. The battery for this is 12 volt. I would like to buy the above bosch grass trimmer and was hoping that the the battery for this is compatible with my hedge trimmer. Thanks again

TooledUp answered on 20/06/2017

A : I can confirm Bosch 12v products are interchangeable with Bosch 12v batteries. So your product you already have of 12v the batteries will work with this machine.




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