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Bow Saws

Bow Saws & Blades Information

A bow saw, also known by the more Scandinavian terms Swede Saw or Finn Saw, is a handheld saw which is primarily designed for cutting logs and branches, commonly to prepare firewood or prune trees for garden maintenance, landscaping or forestry work. As the optimum saw tooth configuration for cutting fresh, or green wood is different to that for cutting older, dry wood, bow saws were developed as frame saws (like hacksaws or fret saws) enabling blades designed for either task to be quickly & easily swapped over according to requirements, and sparing mobile users the inconvenience of having to carry two separate saws around with them. As such they can be more versatile and effective than pruning saws, but the traditional (bow) shape of the bow saw means they are not ideal for working in tighter spaces. To counteract this, most manufacturers offer pointed nose bow saws alongside the standard bow style, and these can enable increased access in cramped locations. As well as gardeners, foresters and outdoors enthusiasts, bow saws are also commonly used by roofers.

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