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Our Loppers, Pruners & Saws category contains a wide selection of cutting, pruning and sawing tools, including secateurs, shears, loppers, bow saws, pruning saws and garden knives & scissors. You'll also find fruit harvesting tools like the Gardena COMBISYSTEM Ground Level Fruit Collector. Whether you are harvesting herbs from your windowsill or pruning tree branches we stock a versatile catalogue of tools to help you get the job done, from best selling brands and premium manufacturers like Felco, ARS, Gardena, Fiskars, Spear & Jackson, Draper and Gardena.

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ARS CAM PRO Professional Pruning Saw

ARS CAM PRO Professional Pruning Saw
2 variants from £33.95

In stock

Bahco Hard Point Bow Saw Blade for Green Wood

Bahco Hard Point Bow Saw Blade for Green Wood
5 variants from £3.95

In stock

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