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Bosch DIY Bosch manufacture two core ranges of power tools: Blue (professional) and Green (Garden/DIY). Part of the Green range, Bosch DIY Tools offer all the essentials for the homeowner or hobbyist at an entry level price point. World renowned for their performance and reliability, these machines represent one of the most trusted brands in home improvement & DIY. What’s more, the Bosch Green Cordless lithium ion platform (Power4All) is cross-compatible between Bosch DIY Tools and Bosch Garden tools, meaning you only need one battery and charger to power a huge range of cordless tools, many of which are available as body only machines (without battery or charger) to save you additional expenditure.

About The Products

If you’re looking for cordless freedom along with the power to complete demanding tasks, Bosch DIY 18v Tools are a good place to start. Covering everything from Sanders, Jigsaws, Sabre Saws and Circular Saws to Combi Drills and the proprietary Bosch Uneo SDS Quick System, this platform is additionally compatible with powerful garden essentials such as Hedge Trimmers, Grass Trimmers and Leaf Blowers.

Oscillating Multitools have exploded in popularity recently, and the Bosch PMF Series represents one of the most comprehensive ranges available. Available in cordless and corded variants, these handy little machines are indispensable for precision work in a multitude of applications. A wide selection of accessories enables PMF multitools to be adapted to tasks including sawing, cutting, routing, sanding and scraping.

Bosch Pressure Washers also represent a large corner of the DIY product range. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit every user, they are perfect for high pressure washing of courtyards, patios and driveways, as well as achieving a deep, sparkling clean on cars and bikes. Bosch DIY Tools Power4All Combi Drill Multitool Sander Jigsaw Saw

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