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Bosch Garden Bosch manufacture two core ranges of power tools: Blue (professional) and Green (Garden/DIY). Part of the Green range, Bosch Garden Tools offer all the gardening essentials for the homeowner at an entry level price point. World renowned for their performance and reliability, these machines represent one of the most trusted brands in the sector. What’s more, the Bosch Green Cordless lithium ion platform (Power4All) is cross-compatible between Bosch DIY Tools and Bosch Garden tools, meaning you only need one battery and charger to power a huge range of cordless tools, many of which are available as body only machines (without battery or charger) to save you additional expenditure.

About The Products

If you’re looking for a cordless range that also enables you to run DIY power tools from the same batteries, Bosch 18v Garden Tools are a good place to start. The range includes long term favourites like Bosch Grass Trimmers, Bosch Chainsaws and Bosch Leaf Blowers and they use the same Power4All battery system as all current Bosch 18v DIY Tools.

Bosch Green 36v Cordless Tools are only found in the Garden range, so the product group is a bit smaller but they are ideal for those more heavy duty gardening tasks. Bosch 36v Grass Trimmers, Bosch 36v Lawnmowers and Bosch 36v Leaf Blowers are renowned for their ability to tackle challenging jobs without the inconveniences of petrol alternatives.

Bosch also manufacture plenty of mains powered garden tools and even a handful of completely mechanical machines like the AHM 38G Push Hand Cylinder Lawnmower. Bosch Garden Tools Power4All Cordless Lawnmower Grass Hedge Trimmer Chainsaw Leaf Blower

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