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Einhell Professional The Einhell Professional range is fully guaranteed for professional or commercial use, but has a few unique advantages that you won't find in other professional power tool systems. One of the most noteworthy features is that Einhell Professional Cordless Tools run on exactly the same Power X-Change batteries as the regular Einhell range - there's no need to buy separate batteries and chargers as everything is cross-compatible. This really helps to keep the cost down and makes the range an ideal entry level solution for trade professionals or a high end option for serious DIYers.

About The Products

Einhell Professional tools have a more heavy duty build quality compared to the standard range, and are designed for regular periods of sustained use. Most of the tools are fitted with brushless motors which are covered by a separate warranty if registered with Einhell after purchase, and feature improved ergonomics for comfortable handling. The Professional range is smaller than the standard Einhell range but is still fairly new and is due to be expanded with lots more products in the near future.

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