Einhell Professional FIXETTO 18/50 N 18v Cordless Nail Gun

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<b>Length:</b> 50mm <b>Qty:</b> Pack of 3000
Einhell 18 Gauge Nails for TE-CN 18 and FIXETTO Nail Guns Length: 50mm Qty: Pack of 3000

Einhell Professional FIXETTO 18/50 N 18v Cordless Nail Gun

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Battery AH Explained

The best way to describe battery amp hour is that this is effectively the size of your fuel tank, the more amp hours your battery has then the longer the battery will last between charges. More amp hours does not increase the power of a given tool.

Battery Voltage Explained

A tool with a higher voltage than another is a bit like choosing an engine in a car, the higher voltage will generally mean higher power & performance. As with cars though a bigger engine does not always translate to better performance so it is important to compare the specifications of tools at different voltages between different manufacturers.

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