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Fein One of the most highly regarded German power tool manufacturers, C & E Fein GmbH have been behind some of the biggest innovations in the industry since the company was founded in 1867. Perhaps only recognised by many trades as the name behind the highly successful Multimaster, Fein were in fact also responsible for the first hand held electric drill, back in 1895. The aforementioned Multimaster enjoyed market dominance as the only oscillating multi tool available commercially until its patent expired in 2008, leading to an explosion in competing products from rival manufacturers.

About The Products

The original, and regarded by many as still the best – the Fein multi tool is much valued for precision work in a diverse range of applications. Perfect for flush cutting, plunge cutting, power scraping and detail sanding, a wide variety of accessories are available for adapting this versatile tool to a multitude of jobs, whether on the jobsite or in the workshop. Available in both corded and cordless lithium ion variants, two main versions currently exist – the entry level Multi Talent, and the professional standard Multi Master.

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