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Liberon Steel Wire Wool

14 types from £3.49

in stock

Liberon Bison Paste Wax

16 types from £8.95

in stock

Liberon Palette Wood Dye

27 types from £8.95


Liberon Knotting Pale

2 types from £6.49


Liberon Superior Danish Oil

5 types from £7.95


Liberon Teak Oil With UV

4 types from £7.95


Liberon Stone Floor Wax

2 types from £20.95


Liberon Wood Wax Filler Stick

11 types from £7.49


Liberon Decking Oil

3 types from £32.95


Liberon Natural Finish Floor Varnish

4 types from £21.95


Liberon Spirit Wood Dye

15 types from £8.95


Liberon Quick Drying Tung Oil

3 types from £12.95


Liberon Wood Care Products

Liberon Liberon were established in the 19th century and are traditionally recognised as a premium wood care brand for antique restoration and specialised furniture care. They aim to provide the best natural waxes, polishes and materials demanded by specialist restorers and those in the wood-care field. Today Liberon ranges cover 4 main areas: furniture, flooring, oils and garden, with a range of products to suit all types of home from the ultra modern to the traditional.

Since 1957 innovation has been driving force behind the brand’s product development. Almost 60 years ago, Liberon designed the first ever wooden floor varnish and today they are developing products that help combat noise, eliminate pollution or protect your home from weather damage. All V33 products are designed to meet current regulations and subjected to laboratory tests to make sure they are completely safe for you and your environment.

About The Products

Liberon manufacture products for indoor flooring, decking and exterior timber, metal treatments and furniture and interior woodwork. From their indoor range they have Varnish, sealer, wax and cleaner for stone, wood and laminate flooring. Liberons Wood floor reviver protects the life of varnished and pre-varnished floors and masks minor scratches or marks, drying in 30 minutes to provide you with the best outcome with minimum inconvenience.

Liberons outdoor products from their exterior decking range are some of the most popular for keeping your decking looking and feeling better for longer. These products penetrate deep in to the wood to prevent water and UV damage and guarantee long-lasting protection against weathering.

Their demanding Decking Oil protects most types of timber decking and contains UV filters to prevent fading, revives weathered and greying decking and enhances the natural beauty of timber. It is ideal for use on fences, sheds and hot tubs.

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