Norbar Tools

Norbar Norbar are a leading UK manufacturer of precision torque control tools and calibration equipment. The company was established during the Second World War to meet the demand for torque wrenches which were needed for production of Rolls Royce Merlin aero engines. Taking their name from the site of their original facility in North Bar Place, Norbar remain headquartered in Banbury, Oxfordshire, where they continue to manufacture all their products; they also operate a global network of distribution and service centres, including facilities in America, India and Australia.

About The Products

Norbar torque wrenches are designed and manufactured to exceed international standards for accuracy, and they supply models suitable for values from 1Nm to 2000Nm. As well as this core range, we stock a selection of Norbar torque screwdrivers, torque multipliers, and the Trucheck series of digital torque measuring tools.

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