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Record Record Tools will probably be familiar to anyone who has worked in carpentry or the woodworking trades over the last hundred years, especially in the UK where many of their classic planes, clamps and vices have remained in service for decades. Originating in the Sheffield area as the C & J Hampton company, the Record trademark arose from the name of the Record Works factory where the tools were first manufactured. Today, the company is part of the Irwin group, and is also known as Irwin Record.

About The Products

Record Clamps - from the classic Record G Clamp to larger Sash Clamps for securing bigger workpieces, these clamps are all made with a heavy duty construction for long term durability and reliable strength.
Record Hand Planes - Perhaps not as much of an everyday essential as they were a hundred years ago, Record still manufacture most of their classic Hand Planes with specifications and designs that have remained relatively unchanged ever since.
Record Vices - renowned for their bombproof build quality, Record Vices have long been favoured as reliable workhorses for the workshop. The range includes Woodworking Vices, Bench Vices and Engineers Vices.

Top Picks

Record T Bar Clamp

5 variants from £78.95

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Record 119 G Clamp

4 variants from £6.95

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Record M Corner Clamp

2 variants from £21.95

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Record 135 Sash Clamp

5 variants from £59.95

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Record Replacement Vice Jaws and Screws

5 variants from £16.95

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Record 300 Stillson Wrench

7 variants from £32.95

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