Record TS10 Vice Tripod Stand

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Record TS10 Vice Tripod Stand

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Customer Questions & Answers

Simon asked on 26/12/2019

Q : Is this stand drilled to accept a standard record engineering vice ?

TooledUp answered on 27/12/2019

A : Hi Simon, the holes in the TS10 are only designed to accomodate Irwin Chain and Pipe vices (models T182C, T92C, T9212C)

Steve Williams asked on 01/11/2019

Q : What steel is this made from

TooledUp answered on 04/11/2019

A : Hi Steve, there's no mention of it on the supplied product info - I checked with Irwin but all they can confirm is that the legs aren't forged and it is made from stove enamelled steel. They said they could make enquiries but it would take a while to get this info back from the factory, so the best option may be to try emailing them (assuming that doesn't answer your question)?




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