Wiha Tools

Wiha Wiha's name comes from founder Willi Hahn's intials and the company was originally founded to manufacture nuts and bolts, as reflected in the hexagonal logo. In 1947 they released their first screwdrivers and it is this product line they are probably best known for today, although their catalogue includes over 3000 tools. Wiha are consistently praised for the high quality of their products and they have won multiple design awards, including a Red Dot "Best of the Best" certification.

About The Products

Introduced in 1997, the SoftFinish line of hand tools remain a popular range for their ergonomic handles and high quality performance. SoftFinish screwdrivers are available in standard configurations as well as VDE insulated variants for use around live circuits. Wiha are also renowned for their robust and durable screwdriver bits and we stock the Gold series in Pozi, Phillips, slotted and Torx configurations.

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