Felling Axes

Felling Axes

Felling Axe Information

Felling axes, or chopping axes are used typically used for cutting down trees and removing branches from them. They are therefore designed for cutting into the grain, as opposed to a splitting axe which is designed to split the fibres apart when breaking up logs for firewood. As you might expect, felling axes have sharper blades than splitting axes, and are able to penetrate deeper into the wood with each cut. They are typically available with either wooden, fibreglass or composite handles - wood has been the traditional choice for centuries, but modern materials can make an axe lighter and more durable while shock absorbing grips can increase user comfort, especially during colder weather.

Felling Axe Safety:

Axes can be dangerous so if you have never used one before, make sure you are familiar with the correct operational techniques to ensure maximum safety. Suitable eye protection (tight fitting goggles are usually a good choice) and steel toe cap boots are recommended.

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Faithfull Hickory Felling Axe Handle

Faithfull Hickory Felling Axe Handle
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