Festool CTL Midi Cleantec L Class Mobile Dust Extractor

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Festool CTL Midi Cleantec L Class Mobile Dust Extractor

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Customer Questions & Answers

Maciej asked on 13/10/2020

Q : Hi I would like buy a Festoor dust extractor. I am thinking about CTL or CTM class. Would you please let me know which one is better, I see just about £70 different. Please let me know. Thank you Regards Maciej

TooledUp answered on 14/10/2020

A : Hi Maciej, the L or the M refers to the class of dust they are made for - the L class extractors are intended for dust that poses a minimal risk to health, while the M class extractors are rated for slightly more hazardous materials. You'll be able to find more information on this online which will cover the difference between dust classes in more detail and you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what you need. Note that in some work environments they may only allow extractors rated for the more hazardous dust classes so bear this in mind if you will be using it commercially.




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