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Hole Saws

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Hole saws are power tool accessories used to cut out circular holes and they are made with a variety of cutting technologies which make them suitable for a wide range of materials (a diamond core is a similar tool designed specifically for tough construction materials like concrete or masonry). They are most commonly used with drills but you can also get impact rated hole saws which are suitable for use in impact drivers as well. A hole saw is normally used with two other components: a pilot drill bit and an arbor (the shank assembly). Some hole saws are manufactured complete with these components but on others they must be purchased separately; alternatively, there are a great deal of hole saw sets on the market which provide all the necessary equipment in a handy storage case.

Here's our Quick Application Guide:

• Bi Metal Hole Saws- the most common type, the bi metal construction is designed to provide increased durability and shatter resistance. They are typically used for wood, metal and plastic.
• Tungsten Carbide (TCT) Hole Saws - Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard compound which makes many of these hole saws suitable for cutting tougher construction materials like masonry and aerated concrete as well as hard woods and manmade sheet goods.
• Diamond Hole Saws - these tools are primarily used for cutting ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathroom installations.

Hole Saw Safety

Hole saws are prone to jamming (especially if they are well-used). If this happens, the torque will be transferred to the machine itself which can twist violently enough to cause injuries to the operator. It is advisable to use a drill with a slip clutch or kickback protection wherever possible and always make use of auxiliary handles to maintain control of the tool at all times. Eye protection should be worn when using a hole saw.

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Bahco 3830 C Bi-Metal Variable Pitch Hole Saw

Bahco 3830 C Bi-Metal Variable Pitch Hole Saw
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