Ozito and Einhell Power X-Change

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Einhell TC-JS 18 Li 18v Cordless Jigsaw

3 types from £46.95

in stock

Ozito PXCBL 18v Cordless Garden Leaf Blower

2 types from £24.95

in stock

Einhell TE-JS 18/80 Li 18v Cordless Jigsaw

5 types from £59.95

in stock

Einhell GE-LC 18 Li 18v Cordless Chainsaw 250mm

6 types from £107.95

in stock

Einhell TE-SG 18/10 18v Cordless Caulking Gun

3 types from £81.95

in stock

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Showing 187 results

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Ozito and Einhell Power X-Change The Power X Change battery platform is shared by cordless tools from Ozito and Einhell, meaning all Power X Change batteries, chargers and tools are freely interchangeable between the two brands. There are a huge range of Power X Change products available and they are all geared towards the homeowner and DIYer, providing cost effective tools which are simultaneously backed by some of the best warranties available, anywhere! Long term reliability combined with versatile battery compatibility helps to ensure you don't have to purchase lots of different tools, batteries and chargers - a saving which benefits your pocket as well as the environment.

The Ozito and Einhell Power X Change range mainly consists of 18v cordless tools for the home and garden, and these tools can be used with any Power X Change battery. Some of the bigger Power X Change garden tools run on a 36v system, and these are simply used with two standard 18v Power X Change batteries simultaneously. To save you having to buy multiple batteries and chargers, Power X change tools are available as body only kits, which enable you to use your existing batteries, or purchase them separately. Ozito Einhell Power X-Change interchangeable 18v Cordless Tool Range

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