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Bahco 1/2" Drive Ratchet



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Ratchets Information

A Ratchet (short for ratchet handle) is also known as a socket wrench, and is fitted with a male square drive connector for attaching sockets. The ratchet mechanism allows the operator to tighten or loosen fasteners with greater speed since the tool does not have to be continuously repositioned like a spanner. A switch on the head enables the direction to be reversed when needed. Ratchets are manufactured in a variety of drive sizes and can normally only be used with sockets of a corresponding drive unless fitted with an adaptor. 1/4" ratchets are typically compact devices which are intended for light duty jobs while ratchets in the 1" or above class are heavy duty industrial tools. 1/2" ratchets are the most common for general purpose use. We stock a wide selection of ratchets from brands like Facom, Bahco, Stahlwille, Wera, Elora, Draper and Sealey.

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