Rust Oleum Anti Slip Floor Paint

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Rust Oleum Anti Slip Floor Paint

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Customer Questions & Answers

Helen asked on 27/05/2020

Q : What type of finish is this please ? Matt or Gloss ?

TooledUp answered on 27/05/2020

A : Hi Helen, this has a gloss finish

Helen asked on 27/05/2020

Q : Can this paint be used on an imprinted (cobbled style) concrete driveway which is over 2 years old

TooledUp answered on 27/05/2020

A : Hi Helen, from the sounds of it this paint would be suitable but please note usage guidelines are provided in the description and if you contact Rust Oleum directly they may be able to address any specific concerns you have

Terry y asked on 17/05/2020

Q : Hi Can this be used on a metal gate?

TooledUp answered on 18/05/2020

A : Hi Terry, as this product is designed for flooring this is not a standard application - however, the product literature states that it can be applied onto metal floors which have been correctly prepared and primed with a suitable Rust-Oleum metal primer, so it sounds like it should work in principle though you may want to contact Rust Oleum for more information if you're concerned it won't work.

Margarita asked on 28/04/2020

Q : Is this ok to use on my doorstep , it’s concrete , I’ve painted Ronseal but the paint already peeling off .

TooledUp answered on 29/04/2020

A : Hi Margarita, as long as it conforms to the guidelines in the description (old, dry concrete) this paint will be fine for concrete doorstops yes

Kevin Gribbin asked on 27/04/2020

Q : hi would this paint be ok for my doorstep and concrete windowsills all exterior.

TooledUp answered on 28/04/2020

A : Hi Kevin, as long as it conforms to the guidelines in the description it should be fine yes

Leesa M asked on 23/04/2020

Q : Hi, Is this suitable for an outside patio area which children will be playing on ?

TooledUp answered on 24/04/2020

A : Hi Leesa, I don't see why not, assuming it isn't made from materials that aren't recommended in the product description - I'm sure it probably isn't good for children to ingest if that's what you're concerned about? (but I'm guessing that is unlikely once it is dry?)

Sonya Powell asked on 09/03/2020

Q : Can this be used on wet room floors? I want to change the colour of the floor in my shower room but need to make sure that I use suitable paint for a wet room floor! If this isn’t suitable, can you recommend one that is? Thank you.

TooledUp answered on 09/03/2020

A : Hi Sonja, this Rust Oleum line is commonly used for things like warehouse flooring - unfortunately I suspect it might not be ideal for your wet room. Firstly, it is designed primarily for application to concrete, and secondly in a wet room you ideally want something that has anti-microbial properties to prevent mould from forming under constant exposure to damp. We don't really specialise in paints for the household, so you'd probably be better off speaking to a large home improvement store who will probably carry a range of specialist bathroom paints and will hopefully be able to recommend the ideal solution for you.




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