Rust Oleum CombiColor Multi Surface Paint

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Rust Oleum CombiColor Multi Surface Paint

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Customer Questions & Answers

Roger Atkins asked on 11/05/2020

Q : Can this paint be used for alluminium garage doors?

TooledUp answered on 11/05/2020

A : Hi Roger, Rust Oleum CombiColour Multi Surface Paint can be used on aluminium yes. Note that new galvanised (bright aluminium-like finish), Zinc and Aluminium (new and old) surfaces should be primed first with Rust Oleum CombiPrimer 3302 (product ID 20995041).

Bert asked on 05/05/2020

Q : Hello, can this be used on Granite surfaces and if so does it come in black ?

TooledUp answered on 06/05/2020

A : Hi Bert, you can see all the available colours when you go into the green drop down menu below the price (I can confirm black is one of them) - Rust Oluem don't mention granite specifically in their material guidelines but they may be able to provide assistance if you contact them directly

Zoe asked on 29/04/2020

Q : Can this be used on a painted fibreglass campervan? I have cleaned and sanded it already. How soon can this be delivered?

TooledUp answered on 29/04/2020

A : Hi Zoe, I can only really reiterate what is stated in the supplied product data sheet and that is that Rust Oleum CombiColor is suitable for "most rigid plastics" - so it sounds like it would be OK but I'm afraid I have no experience of painting a fibreglass campervan with it and Rust Oleum may be able to confirm if you contact their product support department. You can get a rough delivery estimate by checking the stock info just underneath the price once you have chosen the colour and size you require. (bear in mind several lines are subject to very long delays currently as the coronavirus has caused an unprecedented spike in demand and we are extremely busy, along with every other link in the supply chain)

Stephanie Mulholland asked on 27/04/2020

Q : Hi can I use this on bathroom tiles?

TooledUp answered on 27/04/2020

A : Hi, Rust Oleum do say this product is suitable for tiles but you would ideally want something specifically designed for bathroom tiles for that application

Leila Marzagao asked on 27/04/2020

Q : Can I use it in my laminated kitchen counter ? Is it heat resistant, can I put hot pans on top ? Thanks

TooledUp answered on 29/04/2020

A : Hi Leila, I wouldn't say so no - I think you would need to look at a specialized kitchen worktop paint for that application

Teresa asked on 25/04/2020

Q : Can i use this on my stair case?

TooledUp answered on 26/04/2020

A : Assuming it is wood, then yes of course. I don't know how slippery it would be if you will be walking on the bare wood afterwards though.

Hazel asked on 21/04/2020

Q : How big an area does 750ml cover?

TooledUp answered on 22/04/2020

A : Hi Hazel, this information is provided in the supplied data sheet - theoretical coverage is around 9 to 10 square metres per litre but note that this can be affected by a whole range of factors (such as the porosity of the material for example)

viren sharma asked on 21/04/2020

Q : Hi - can this be used straight onto an exterior wooden door and windows that have been stripped back bare. Would any further treatments be required (such as undercoat or oil?).

TooledUp answered on 21/04/2020

A : Hi, Rust Oleum CombiColor is a direct to surface paint and primer in one so you should be all good to go once the wood is stripped and cleaned in accordance with the preparation guidelines outlined in the Product Data sheet

Lisa Sandford asked on 20/04/2020

Q : Is this product suitable to paint an exterior upvc front door. If so, how would you suggest prepping the door? Thank you Lisa

TooledUp answered on 20/04/2020

A : Hi Lisa, I'm afraid I don't have any information on UPVC specifically - Rust Oleum may be able to advise further? Assuming it is fine (the product data sheet says it is fine for most rigid plastics) the only preparation instructions for non metallic surfaces are: Remove oil, grease and all other surface contaminations by alkaline cleaning in combination with appropriate detergents.

Mel asked on 19/04/2020

Q : Can this be used in kitchen cupboards?

TooledUp answered on 20/04/2020

A : While the product is not specifically recommended for kitchen cupboards I imagine in most cases it will do the job as long as the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared first. Further guidelines can be found in the product data sheet which is available as a download on the product page.




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