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As the name suggests, shrub shears are primarily designed for trimming small or medium sized plants like shrubs and bushes, and they look much like miniature hedge trimmers. However, most of them can also be used for cutting grass when fitted with a suitable blade. This means they are a useful solution to some of the more precision garden maintenance tasks such as lawn edging around awkward obstacles. Tools like the Bosch Isio III are also compatible with spreading attachments which enable them to be used for spreading lawn seed and sprayer attachments for applying fertilizer or pesticides. Because they do not have high power requirements, shrub shears are typically cordless and equipped with integrated rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

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Bosch ADVANCEDSHEAR 18v Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears

Bosch ADVANCEDSHEAR 18v Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears
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