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For everyday use in a pocket or toolbox, or stashed away in a glovebox or kitchen drawer for emergencies, torches are extremely useful tools for shedding light on gloomy situations. We stock a variety of types, from keyring models, to head torches for hands free use, to large high end flashlights like Led Lenser's X21R.2. LED torches have become the most common type in recent years, and there are also many more rechargeable models on the market these days. These can simply be plugged in to a USB port or power socket to replenish their batteries in between uses, and may be an ideal choice if you use a torch regularly. If you've invested in a cordless power tool platform, you may find be able to find a solution in one of the power tool torches on the market which run off standard power tool batteries. Alternative models are commonly powered by AA batteries, but you can also find torches which are manually charged by winding a handle.

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LED Lenser MH5 Rechargeable LED Head Torch

3 variants from £47.95

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