Webb WEPLS400P Petrol 2 in 1 Lawn Raker and Scarifier FREE Engine Oil Worth £4.95

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Webb WEPLS400P Petrol 2 in 1 Lawn Raker and Scarifier FREE Engine Oil Worth £4.95

Petrol Engines

It is important to read all instructions regarding petrol products. 4 Stroke engines require oil and some machines are supplied dry (No oil to start with). Running a 4 stroke petrol machine without oil will result in the engine seizing and is not covered under warranty.

2 Stroke engines will need to have a mix of oil in the petrol this is normally 1 part oil to 50 parts petrol but not always, again please read the instructions supplied with your machine. Petrol engines do require more maintenance than electric engines but if reguarly maintained they will normally give many years of use.

Why use a Lawn Raker or Scarifier?

When you cut your lawn there is a gradual build up of dead grass also known as thatch - which congregates just on top of the soil below the grass tips. This will impede drainage and stop air reaching the grass.

Moss builds up on damp or lawns in the shade and will again affect the grass in a similar way.

Lawn Scarifiers
A Scarifier will help to remove moss & thatch but will also cut through the surface of the lawn. This has a number of benefits such as aerating the underlying soil & splitting the grass into lots of separate plants thus thickening the turf and encouraging a healthy lawn.

Use a Scarifier once a year either in autumn or late spring when the grass is growing well.

Lawn Rakers
A Lawn Raker will remove moss, thatch & leaves. This will help to keep a nice tidy lawn whilst encouraging growth as old dead material is removed which would otherwise stifle this growth.

Use a Lawn Raker every 1 - 2 months while grass is growing well.

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Customer Questions & Answers

GEOFFREY BATCHELOR asked on 07/09/2021

Q : Hello, can you tell me if this machine is powered by a briggs and stratton 163cc or a webb 212cc

TooledUp answered on 07/09/2021

A : Hi Geoffrey, it looks like the original product specs listed this as having a Briggs and Stratton engine (as per our description) but the Webb website currently says it is fitted with a Webb engine. However they have also added a disclaimer which states that "the engine may differ from that supplied" so I guess there have been at least two types involved in the production line, and I wouldn't be able to guarantee which version will be supplied in the box if you buy one. I'll get our description changed to reflect this as well.




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