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Whether you're looking to replace the standard battery charger that came with your power tool or you're thinking about upgrading to a new model that offers fast charging capability, multiple ports or a 12v plug for charging batteries in your vehicle, we stock a variety of options from DIY favourites like Black & Decker as well as industrial brands like DeWalt & Makita. When choosing a new battery charger, make sure you know the voltage of your batteries as well as the brand, range and type - for example, Makita 18v LXT Lithium Ion or DeWalt 18v XR Lithium Ion. Many older batteries may be NiCAD or Ni-MH but chargers are often still available for them. Be aware that some power tool manufacturers have different battery platforms that are incompatible with each other, including the Bosch Green (Garden/DIY) and Blue (Professional) ranges, and Makita's LXT & G-Series platforms.

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Makita DC18RD Li-ion 18v Dual Port Battery Charger

2 variants from £89.95

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