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Black and Decker BEW230 Mouse Sander

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Overall Rating Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars
Value for Money Overall Rating 5 stars Overall Rating 5 stars Overall Rating 5 stars Overall Rating 5 stars Overall Rating 5 stars
Features Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars
Performance Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars
Build Quality Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars Overall Rating 4 stars

Adam 28/05/2020 18:59:42

Very good well priced product good customer service

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Customer Questions & Answers

Tina asked on 01/03/2022

Q : Do I have to connect the hoover to the sander or can I use the sander as is

TooledUp answered on 01/03/2022

A : Hi Tina, the sander will still work without a vacuum cleaner attached to it, although extracting the dust should mean the sandpaper won't get clogged as quickly (and will obviously reduce the amount that goes into the air)

Maralin Cottenham asked on 03/11/2021

Q : Victoria C I just wanted to say what a good question that was about whether or not the hoover needs to be on or not, saved me asking, thank you.

Can you answer this question? Yes I can

M asked on 19/01/2021

Q : Hi. What vacuums fit on to the black and decker mouse? I have a Dyson and a Shark and neither of them fit, thanks.

TooledUp answered on 20/01/2021

A : Hi, the cheapest solution will probably to look for a suitable adaptor, often known as a stepped dust extraction adaptor, power tool dust extraction adaptor etc - for example the Sealey Power Tool Dust Extraction adaptor we stock on product ID 21022090. If you're able to measure the diameter of the connectors on both the machine and the end of the hose you will hopefully be able to find something which will join them together for a snug fit - if you can't quite get there, a common solution is to wrap electrical tape or similar around the outside of the dust port until it fits securely.

dougie johnson asked on 17/09/2020

Q : Can you buy a universal dust bag for a bew230 model

TooledUp answered on 18/09/2020

A : Hi Dougie, as the BEW230 is designed to be connected up to a standard vacuum hose I imagine a great deal of dust bags will fit onto it no problem - unfortunately we don't appear to currently stock anything designed for universal compatibility but I would guess you should be able to track one down fairly easily, or in the worst case scenario modify one with an adaptor to get it to fit

Karen Gilbert asked on 22/04/2020

Q : My sander has come apart when sanding. Do you have instructions how to clip it back together please?

TooledUp answered on 22/04/2020

A : Hi Karen, I'm afraid we don't have this information to hand but if you go to the Black & Decker UK website there is a spares & repairs contact section where they may be able to send you a parts drawing or provide further assistance

Linda asked on 10/04/2020

Q : Could you tell me which sanding sheets are suitable for this model.

TooledUp answered on 10/04/2020

A : Hi Linda, we don't currently stock any sanding sheets which are suitable for this sander but should have them loaded on at some point in the future when we are able to supply them. In the meantime if you speak to Black & Decker customer service they should be able to advise where you will be able to get hold of some

REY DE PERIO asked on 08/12/2019

Q : Hi How much is the cordless one? so many sandpaper for sanders in the market what fits this one how does this compare with the model no BDCDS18-XE? is the BEW230 made in 2019! thanks n cheers Rey

TooledUp answered on 09/12/2019

A : Hi Rey, yes - the BEW230 is a new model which was introduced in 2019. The cordless version is the other model you mentioned (BDCDS18-XE). The cost varies depending on whether you need a battery and charger with it and the main difference is that it includes a dust collection bag. These sanders don't need huge amounts of power so performance is more or less the same. We don't have the sanding sheets loaded on our website yet but they are quite easy to find - if you phone Black & Decker customer support they will be able to advise where to get them (and in the future they will be linked up to this product on our website)

Victoria C asked on 16/10/2019

Q : Hello sorry if this question is stupid, but when using a vacuum attachment on the black and decker mouse, the vacuum have to be on because I think I’m burning out my vacuum while keeping on while sanding

TooledUp answered on 16/10/2019

A : Hi Victoria, not at all - well, the standard procedure is to have the vacuum on as it will suck all the dust cleanly away into the machine for easy disposal. Alternatively I suppose the dust will just sit in the hose until it is disconnected. Many sanders are supplied with a dust collection bag which you can fit as an alternative to a vacuum hose so if you can find one which will fit you could try that instead and see if it does a good job? It may be, however, that the Mouse is not powerful enough to extract dust by itself and this is why it isn't supplied with one. Having said that, it seems unusual that your vacuum can't cope, unless you're doing a huge amount of sanding. I suppose as a last resort you could consider an alternative sander with its own dust bag (or a new vacuum cleaner!)

Nick Capstick asked on 10/09/2019

Q : I have asked a question TWICE but no answer as yet !!

TooledUp answered on 19/09/2019

A : Hi Nick, I'm afraid I can't see anything else from you on our system - what was the question?




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