Black and Decker HVLP200 Handheld Paint Spray Gun

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Black and Decker HVLP200 Handheld Paint Spray Gun

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Customer Questions & Answers

John asked on 16/11/2020

Q : Hello good day, is this sprayer good for decking and fencing paints

TooledUp answered on 16/11/2020

A : Hi John, the Black & Decker HVLP200 is suitable for solvent based and water based paints, finishes, primers, clear finishes, automotive finishes, staining sealers, and wood sealer-preservatives. It is not suitable for spraying caustic solutions, acidic coating materials, coating materials with granules or solids as well as spray and drip-impeding materials. The user manual is available to download at the bottom of our product page if you want to check it for further information.

Anna asked on 06/07/2020

Q : Hi I’ve been advised I need a gun with an air pressure of 40 to 60 PSI and a nozzle of 1.60 to 2mm. Is this suitable? Thank you

TooledUp answered on 07/07/2020

A : Hi Anna, unfortunately Black & Decker don't provide this information but those specifications are more commonly attributed to air spray guns for use with a compressor (as can be viewed if you search for "Air Spray Guns") so not sure if that's actually what you're after? They are not intended for domestic painting applications though and are more commonly used in garages and the automotive industry etc (and you need to run them off an air supply)

Derick Robertson asked on 03/07/2020

Q : Will this product spray masonry paint

TooledUp answered on 09/07/2020

A : The user manual for the HVLP200 doesn't specifically advise against spraying masonry paint, however it would have to be water or solvent based, smooth (untextured) and diluted to the right consistency. Assuming you are working outside, there are other potential problems with using a sprayer though, including accidentally coating nearby surfaces with a fine spray of droplets in the process, and you will probably find it quicker, easier and cheaper to use a roller and brush

KERRY HAMMOND asked on 01/06/2020

Q : Hi there, Thinking of ordering this off your site today. The spec for this sprayer says Din Sec 120, what does this mean ? Also what does the 200 stand for (HVLP200)

TooledUp answered on 02/06/2020

A : Hi Kerry, DIN/Sec is a measurement of viscosity so that figure will refer to the maximum viscosity of paint permitted in the sprayer. To be honest I'm not sure what the 200 refers to, and may well have no significance other than as the model number!

Sean Mitchell asked on 03/05/2020

Q : Do you do spare parts for this tool? I need the 3 part nozzle kit. Cheers

TooledUp answered on 04/05/2020

A : Hi Sean, Unfortunately we don't stock spares for the HLVP200 Sprayer but if you go to the Black & Decker UK website they have a spares & repairs section where you can request replacement parts from the factory

Len asked on 14/05/2019

Q : Can you tell me if this is classed as “airless” or “conventional”?

TooledUp answered on 16/05/2019

A : I can confirm that this is an HVLP spray gun which uses high volume low-pressure air to spray the paint.

John asked on 10/06/2018

Q : Does it work with oil-based paint?

TooledUp answered on 12/06/2018

A : I can confirm that as long as you have ensured that the paint runs through the viscosity cup at a rate of 2 min or less then you will be able to use this to spray oil based paint.

David Cowen asked on 06/12/2017

Q : Can I use this to spray domestic coving with emulsion?

TooledUp answered on 07/12/2017

A : I can confirm that as long as you have ensured that the paint runs through the viscosity cup at a rate of 2 min or less then you will be able to use this to spray emulsion on coving.




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