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Black & Decker Black & Decker Tools are familiar to people on every corner of the planet. One of the most widely recognised power tool brands in the world, Black & Decker was established in the US in 1910 and is today part of a large conglomerate that includes Stanley and DeWalt. Though their modern product range is designed exclusively for the DIY and household markets, the company has a rich background of innovation in professional fields, including contributions to NASA’s Gemini & Apollo space programs. In 1917 they patented the first portable pistol grip, trigger switch electric drill; a design which influenced countless subsequent machines and heralded the arrival of the handheld drill driver as we know it today.

About The Products

With everything from Black & Decker Lawnmowers and Black & Decker Dustbusters to the ubiquitous Black & Decker Drill, the present day catalogue is full of a diverse range of products which can help turn your house into a home. From everyday cleaning & maintenance tasks to ambitious DIY projects, Black & Decker Tools have been relied upon for decades to get the job done. If you're looking for a cordless system where you can use the same batteries for all your household, DIY and gardening applications, Black & Decker 18v Tools use interchangeable lithium ion batteries for maximum convenience. For increased performance some Black & Decker Tools run on a separate 36v cordless platform, and a recent addition is the powerful 54v Dualvolt system which also retains some backwards compatibility with the 18v range. Black & Decker Power Garden Tools

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