DeWalt Tough System V2 2 Drawer Tool Case

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DeWalt Tough System V2 2 Drawer Tool Case

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Customer Questions & Answers

Stephen Toby asked on 01/03/2022

Q : So are you guys taking pre orders? Do you have the 3 draw version on pre order also?

TooledUp answered on 02/03/2022

A : Hi Stephen, you should be able to add it to your basket and place it on backorder but at the current time we don't have any due date from DeWalt so I'm afraid I don't know when these are expected to arrive. With regards to a three drawer version I think you might be referring to the DS295? If so we actually loaded this onto our website back in 2018 and there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in them but I think DeWalt must have advised us these were no longer available for purchase as we never got any stock in, and it was subsequently delisted. Not sure if they still intend to release it at a later date, or it got shelved for some reason.

Graham Cooper asked on 18/02/2022

Q : Thanks for the answer regarding the toughsystem drawers. Refreshingly honest. Do you have any idea when this might be in stock?

TooledUp answered on 21/02/2022

A : I've just checked and currently they're pencilled in for the 20th of April, but please note that due to various logistical issues these dates tend to be very unreliable at the moment. Once we get a confirmed date and they're definitely on their way, the ETA should start to show on the product page (hopefully in the near future you'll be able to sign up for in stock notifications to make this process a bit easier but that's something that's in the development stage at the moment).

Stephan P Stoll asked on 18/02/2022

Q : Is there a top handle or only the two on the sides

TooledUp answered on 21/02/2022

A : Hi Stephan, we're still waiting for the first batch of stock to come in, but DeWalt only mention the side handles and from looking at the images it doesn't appear there is any handle on the top, so I'm guessing these are side handles only.

Graham Cooper asked on 18/02/2022

Q : I’d like to repeat the question asked by Kertis. Can the drawers be locked. I understand from your previous answer that they will stay shut during transit (we expect that anyway) Can they be locked though?

TooledUp answered on 18/02/2022

A : Hi Graham, well as I said previously, I'm not aware of an "easy" way to lock them - that is, I'm sure you could attach some kind of lock or padlock yourself, but this would most likely involve some kind of modification like drilling holes into the plastic. I asked DeWalt and they confirmed there's no facility for locking the drawers built into the case so it's not specifically designed to accommodate a lock (and they didn't recommend modifying it).

Kurtis Halliday asked on 13/02/2022

Q : Can the draws be locked

TooledUp answered on 14/02/2022

A : Hi Kurtis, I'm not aware of an easy way to lock them, assuming you mean with a key or a padlock for example. However as long as the drawers are fully closed, they are designed to stay closed until you open them again, so should normally be ok during transport etc




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