Faithfull 2 Socket Open Drum Cable Reel 240v

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Faithfull 2 Socket Open Drum Cable Reel 240v

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Customer Questions & Answers

jane Wood asked on 06/03/2022

Q : Is this cable suitable to use for a Karcher Compact 2 pressure washer to clean a static caravan? The plug end would go into the normal 13 amp plug inside the van? As this product has thermal protection would I still need to buy an RCD for the plug inside the van? Also could tell me the weight of the item. Thank you

TooledUp answered on 07/03/2022

A : Hi Jane, I'll start with the weight as that's easy enough to answer: it's 3.3 kg. This cable reel has a standard UK domestic mains plug on it and is designed to be connected up to a UK mains supply, so essentially it will plug into a UK household plug like any standard electrical appliance. The thermal protection simply means the cable is protected against overheating, which can occur when current is travelling over long distances - it isn't designed to safeguard against harmful electric shock so an RCD would still be highly recommended. You will want to compare the specifications of your pressure washer with the maximum permitted load, which is 3,120 watts and 13A when fully unwound. Assuming your K2 Compact is under this, and you're not plugging anything else in at the same time, it could therefore theoretically be used with this reel when it is fully unwound - however, pressure washers are notorious for tripping fuses when used with extension leads so it is generally best to avoid using one if at all possible, or try and find one that is as short and heavy duty as possible. Sorry for the long winded answer but hopefully that answers the question!




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