Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor

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Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor

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Customer Questions & Answers

Raghu Kambhampati asked on 20/07/2021

Q : Evening, I have been keeping an eye on the availability of this product (Gardena soil moisture sensor) for a long time and observed the stock due date keep changing. How reliable is the latest due date 27th July ? Sorry for the trouble but I have been postponing my lawn irrigation works due to this. Your advise is much appreciated. Regards, Raghu Kambhampati

TooledUp answered on 21/07/2021

A : Hi Raghu, as mentioned in the previous response I'm afraid we don't have any inside information on the shipping progress and all we can do is relay what the supplier (Gardena) has provided to us. Unfortunately things are slightly more unpredictable than usual at the moment due to all the various challenges that the last year or two has introduced, but hopefully they are on their way and should be here soon. However, I've just checked our system and this appears to be a very in demand product as there are already a lot of backorders for it! So to avoid disappointment and further delay you might want to place an order sooner rather than later (if you haven't done so already)

Clive Gill asked on 28/05/2021

Q : I really need to order on of these Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor, but I just checked your site and it looks like the stock delivery date has moved from 31 May 21 to 21 June 21. Are they really going to be in stock then ???? or is it likely to move again? Is it possible to pre order a unit, so I can guarantee to get one and if so how do I that please. Thank you

TooledUp answered on 28/05/2021

A : Hi Clive, there is a lot of disruption to goods coming into the country at the moment but I'm afraid it's not something we have any control over and we can only go by the due dates that the suppliers are providing - as you've noticed this can be quite a fluid situation; however, you can still place an order for this item and then you'll be in line to get one as soon as stock comes in (we don't charge until the goods are ready for despatch)

Liam asked on 13/02/2021

Q : Soil moisture sensor Gardena 1867-20 is the date when in stock the latest or ?

TooledUp answered on 15/02/2021

A : Hi Liam, these ETAs should be fairly up to date as we get regular shipping reports and they will change if we are notified of any delay, although please be aware that due to all the challenges of the current situation things are not running as smoothly as normal and these dates can change at short notice.




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For any technical enquiries relating to this product it is best to call the manufacturer, Gardena, direct on 01325 302277.

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