Hozelock JET 3000 Garden Water Pump

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Hozelock JET 3000 Garden Water Pump

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Customer Questions & Answers

Trevor asked on 19/08/2018

Q : Can this pump be used outside in all weathers, or does it need to be protected from rain?

TooledUp answered on 20/08/2018

A : I can confirm that whilst this pump is showerproof it is not waterproof. It is advisable to protect the pump from the elements as this will prolong the lifespan of the pump and not allow the pump to be exposed to temperatures which may cause the water inside to freeze and expand as this would cause damage to the internal mechanisms.

David Childs asked on 24/07/2018

Q : I have a source of water in the ground in our garden, I have yet to find how far down the water level is, but I cannot see a figure for a suction height. Many of the pumps I have had before are impeller types and require a lot of fiddly priming to get them to suck. So I need the maximum height from which it will reliably draw.

TooledUp answered on 24/07/2018

A : I can confirm that this pump has a max suction height of 7m and a min/max head height of 2m - 35m Hozelock pumps are self-priming; therefore, they can be primed without having to fill the suction hose.

Nick Rickman asked on 24/07/2018

Q : How long is the power cable?

TooledUp answered on 24/07/2018

A : I can confirm that this pump has a power cable of around 1.5m

KEITH TAIT asked on 24/07/2018

Q : can it be used to pump water from a 1st floor bath into a tub at ground floor?

TooledUp answered on 24/07/2018

A : I can confirm that this pump can be used to pump water from any still water source from a height of up to 7m and will pump water to a maximum of 35m. However, please note this is not designed to boost water mains pressure and should not be connected to a tap as a water source.

Steven Latham asked on 19/07/2018

Q : From how low can the pump draw water below itself and does the pump self-prime ? How noisy is it ? Can the flow rate be adjusted ?

Can you answer this question? Yes I can

martin asked on 16/07/2018

Q : can this be connected to the mains water tap for its supply?

TooledUp answered on 17/07/2018

A : Unfortunately, this is not suitable to connect to a mains water supply as its water source and is designed to pump from a tank, pond, or other large water sources. To boost mains pressure on a garden tap you would need a mains pressure booster.

Martyn Smith asked on 07/07/2018

Q : What is the diameter of the suction hose please?

TooledUp answered on 09/07/2018

A : I can confirm that this has a 1" suction hose.

Mike Crowe asked on 26/05/2018

Q : Can this be used in conjunction with a Hozelock sprinkler.

TooledUp answered on 29/05/2018

A : I can confirm that after checking the manual to connect this to a normal garden hose you would need to cut the stepped discharge connection ( to the relevant size then attach a 1" Threaded Tap Hose Pipe Connector.

SELWYN asked on 27/04/2018

Q : How far can it pump water through a normal garden hose?

TooledUp answered on 27/04/2018

A : after speaking to our technical team, I can confirm that this pump has a 35m head height.




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