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Hozelock Hose Reel Cart

2 types from £51.95

in stock

Hozelock Wall Mounted Auto Hose Reel

2 types from £106.95

in stock

Hozelock STANDARD Water Pressure Sprayer

3 types from £29.95

in stock

Hozelock Superhoze Expanding Hose Set

3 types from £34.95

in stock

Hozelock Starter Hose Pipe

3 types from £21.95

in stock

Hozelock PULSAR PLUS Water Pressure Sprayer

3 types from £40.95

in stock

Hozelock Tuffhoze Hybrid Textile Hose Pipe

3 types from £37.95

in stock

Hozelock Tools

Hozelock Known worldwide for their products, Hozelock are a British company who manufacture a range of garden hoses and other garden supplies. With over half a century of industry experience, Hozelock Ltd were set up in 1959 by Sydney Codling in the village of Haddenham, Buckinghamshire. Originally operating from an airfield, their present day head office is in Birmingham and around 75% of their products are manufactured in the UK, with the remaining 25% produced in factories in France, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. Hozelock have won numerous awards including: The Institute of Mechanical Engineers: Manufacturing Excellence Award (MX) for Logistics and Resource Efficiency and the 2008 MX Award for Customer Focus.

About The Products

Taking their name from the Hoze-Lock, the world’s first plastic hose connector, Hozelock manufacture a wide range of tools to help in the garden. Whether you need to get those weeds under control or you would like to make and maintain a garden pond, you know you will be getting the right tool for the job with Hozelock’s years of knowledge and experience in the industry behind their products. Their range includes hoses, nozzles and wall mounting equipment, hose reels, sprinklers and pressure sprayers. They also produce aquatics products and weed control tools. Hozelock also offer a number of watering product solutions to help with plant irrigation both in the garden and in the home, and pride themselves on their product knowledge and customer service - with a wide range of spare parts available to those who need them. Whatever your water requirements for your garden, you can trust Hozelock to provide the right solution for you.

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